The not-so-simple three step approach to optimising website performance.

Noticing that a website traffic is growing steadily, brings a smile to the face of most marketers. Oftentimes, that upward line starts leading to growing pains at some point. Think   lagging backends and server time-outs. If you’re not actively monitoring your site’s performance, your brand’s reputation may be at risk of getting damaged.

At Level Level, we take pride in our three step approach to optimising website performance. We diagnose sites and applications for current and potential bottlenecks first. We recommend and carry out treatment plans. And we support many of our clients by actively monitoring their online assets, carrying out preventive maintenance and suggesting further performance improvements.

How can we help you bring your high-traffic site to perform optimally?

Get started with a mini consult. Give us 15-20 minutes of your time and we’ll help you find out what slows your site down. We’ll also help you brainstorm your options, and we’ll recommend next steps to bring it up to speed.

Is your site experiencing any of these warning signs indicating performance issues?

Noticing that your site’s audience is steadily growing, is exciting. But as your content-rich site starts attracting thousands of visitors a day, your site may start having a hard time keeping up:

  • Your back-end starts to feel laggy.
  • You’re getting server time-out messages.
  • And you may find yourself staring at  the feared White Screen Of Death (WSOD) at some point.

If you recognize one or more of these symptoms, please make taking action a priority.

Because, if you don’t take action in time, your reputation may suffer.  

Yes, some plugins will help you reduce network load. And out-of-the-box caching solutions will speed up your site to a certain extent. But at some point, these tools will no longer do the trick. And if you don’t tackle the problem at its roots:

  • Some visitors will publicly post reviews about how poor your site performs. As a result, the reputation of your brand may get damaged.
  • Others visitors will silently leave and choose your competitor over you. And this silent conversion killer is much harder to pinpoint and remedy;

Over time, Google may even stop  sending you organic traffic when your site consistently responds slowly and generates time-out errors.

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Here’s how we diagnose & cure website performance issues at Level Level

While every business is unique, following a step by step approach helps make sure we don’t overlook small but essential details.


At Level Level, we diagnose and finetune sites and applications on a daily basis. We have discovered that these three factors are at the root of performance issues most of the time:   

  1. Plugins and themes that come with lots of features you’ll never use, but are taking up substantial amounts of CPU power nevertheless;
  2. Hosting that is not configured optimally, or the fact that you have outgrown what your hosting provider is willing to provide;
  3. Caching that is either not configured optimally to support your business model and strategic goals, or used at all.

Treatment plan

When we know the root causes of your struggling site:

  • First, we’ll discuss your business model and strategic goals. So that we know which optimisation strategies are beneficial and which ones defeat the purpose;
  • We’ll share exactly where we see ways to cut back on server load;
  • Together, we’ll pick just those caching techniques that optimally support your business goals.
  • We’ll also analyze your current hosting setup. We’ll recommend ways to optimise it for maximum performance. We may conclude that you have outgrown what your current provider offers. In that case, we’ll recommend you a more scalable solution.
  • And every step of the way, we’ll openly share pros and cons of the options available.

Together, we’ll decide upon a plan of action, resulting in a fully streamlined website that responds quickly and runs smoothly.

Continuous Care

To make sure your website keeps running gracefully, we always recommend a continued partnership. Traffic to your site probably continues to grow, promotions may cause traffic surges and malicious people try to hack into your site. Knowing a team of experts keeps an eye out for what is happening on your server, and will reach out to you to discuss options if needed, is a huge relief for many of our clients.

After all, when you invest heavily to attract visitors it’s so much more rewarding to see them accomplish their goals than having to watch them leave in vain, right?

We don’t expect you to take our word for this.

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“Moving our site to WordPress was quick and painless. The new site is faster, adjusts smoothly to mobile screens and performs much better in the search engine results. If you’re looking for a WordPress expert to help you improve websites on a technical level, I warmly recommend Level Level.”

Jorrit Vos
Online Sales Marketeer ABN AMRO Insurance

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