Multilingual Websites

Multilingual Websites

Are you outgrowing out-of-the-box tools to make your site multilingual?

There are several ways to manage a multilingual site. Keeping all content within one site might be the most commonly known one. When both your website traffic and your content grow beyond a certain point, though,  this setup may start slowing down your website substantially. Also, while optimizing customer experience, you may feel the need for more flexibility than just translating page by page. Not to mention the fact that the only way to get out of a one-site solution is copying and pasting the content page by page. Which gets more tedious as your site grows.

Running a multilingual platform using a multisite network may be the solution you’re looking for. When compared to most other solutions, it will give you more flexibility and control.  

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These signs indicate you’re outgrowing your current multilingual solution

A plugin to make your site multilingual is a cost effective solution for websites with a limited number of pages and only a few visitors at the same time. However, if you are experiencing one or more of the following warning signs, you may be outgrowing a out-of-the-box multilingual plugin:

  • Your back-end starts to be laggy and you may be getting server time-out messages. Multilingual plugins consume lots of CPU capacity and when your traffic grows, this will become a serious bottleneck;
  • The way you need to squeeze visitors from different countries in standardized customer journeys  keeps you from optimizing your conversion beyond a certain level;
  • You are starting to feel limited by one international domain and by not being able to customize content, for instance between visitors from the UK, US and Canada.

And if you don’t act upon it, it will only get worse

While initially you will be able to tweak your site for additional speed, and may find a workaround to customize funnels in some way, at some point the disadvantages start outweighing the benefits:

  • Visitors will start complaining about how slow your site has become, and your brand may suffer reputation damage.
  • Others visitors won’t complain but will just do business with your competitor instead. This is much harder to pinpoint and remedy;
  • When your site consistently responds slowly, Google will refrain from sending you organic traffic over time.
  • As other suppliers continue to improve their customer experience and customize it to their international clientele, your disadvantage keeps increasing.

Regain control of your messaging, sales funnels and conversion with multilingual websites on one multisite platform

At Level Level, we have ample experience with  multilingual platforms. Over time we have learned that using a multisite platform for multilingual sites works best. It will get you both the flexibility and the control you need to keep improving your customer experience. After all, you have invested heavily to offer your visitors a localized website. It would be extremely frustrating to see those visitors are not persuaded to take action because you’re not able to customize the user experience.  

  • You’ll be able to create as many customer journeys as you need to serve your clientele at concierge level;
  • Your platform will be running fast and smooth: all processes will have been streamlined and all features you won’t need and take up unnecessary CPU time will have been removed;
  • As a result you will be able to rekindle your friendship with Google and other search engines;
  • Even though you are running several sub-sites, in most cases, you won’t need to plan for additional maintenance capacity;
  • Your sub-sites will attract local audiences more easily because the separate back-ends now allow to specify the language and location of your target audience.

Don’t take our word for this!

Instead, you may want to check out some of the case studies we published. They’ll show you more about how we work and what our clients have to say about that. 

When your site starts attracting a serious crowd, we usually recommend using a multi-site network to make your site multilingual. If you aim for your visitors to accomplish their goals with as little friction as possible, you’ll need all the flexibility you can get. A multisite setup provides you with that flexibility. Moreover, a multi-site network allows you to streamline your website, so that it will keep running smoothly with lots of simultaneous visitors as well.

Peter van den Hooren
WordPress Service & Support

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