E-learning is an inexpensive way to train your staff and is a highly profitable business model. Or is it?

You may be aiming to save time and expenses by training your staff using an e-learning platform. E-learning may be your core business, or a way to offer your clients additional value. No matter the reason for creating an online learning environment, it will only succeed if participants complete your program and benefit from what they learned. To make sure all the time and funds you invested haven’t been in vain, we have come up with 6 critical success factors. Read on to discover what they are.   

How can we help you optimize e-learning experiences?

Give us 15-20 minutes of your time and we’ll help you gain clarity on your educational goals, to brainstorm ways to help optimize your e-learning environment and prioritize your next steps.

Is your e-learning program suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome?

Training your staff using an e-learning environment allows them to acquire new skills without traveling and being away from their family. And it keeps your training expenses under control. Offering your clients online training adds value to your core product. Builds loyalty. And raving reviews. E-learning as a core product is a relatively new, but steadily growing and highly profitable industry.

But what if:

  • Only a fraction of the students who get started completes all lessons and assignments.
  • You keep approaching people for  testimonials & all you hear is…. crickets.
  • You start noticing staff members give each other weary looks when you ask them to get another new virtual classroom ready.

If you recognize one or more of these symptoms, you may be wasting precious resources.

After all, your success greatly depends on participants completing your programs, and sharing about what they accomplished as a result.  

Yes, out-of-the box e-learning software will help you structure your curriculum in modules and lessons. And it will help you create tests and assignments to check whether or not your participants have acquired the knowledge and skills that were taught.

But, at the end of the day, it comes down to this: If your clients don’t get the results they aimed for, your e-learning venture will fail. And you will lose all time and funds you invested. So if you don’t tackle the problem at its roots:

  • Your staff members won’t acquire the skills you need them to and they won’t be able to perform their jobs meeting or exceeding the standards you have set. You may get negative reviews and that can damage your brand’s reputation.
  • Your clients won’t get the results they aimed for and they will either leave silently or complain publicly. Your business won’t grow the way you intended it to, and your brand may suffer from reputation damage.
  • Your staff members will keep grumbling because of the hours of tedious work it takes them to create modules, lessons and tests, while they rather brainstorm with you about ways to attract new students.
  • And because of the lack of results and the ongoing expenses, your e-learning venture may come to a grinding halt…
Mobile screen with e-learning program

Here’s how we optimize e-learning experiences at Level Level

First of all, at Level Level, we believe that every business is unique. And we thrive on creating custom tools and strategies to help you accomplish your goals. In this case creating online training to:

  • Help your staff members acquire the knowledge and skills they need to grow as a person and as a professional. Without the need to leave their families for several days, and while keeping your expenses at bay.
  • Help your clients get the most out of your core products or services so that they’re more likely to stick around and share their happiness with others.
  • Help you build a profitable, scalable & easy to maintain online training business. One that will continue to run smoothly even when you’ll have thousands of students working through programs simultaneously.


We diagnose and finetune sites and applications on a daily basis. For e-learning environments, we have discovered 6 critical success factors, and use them to pinpoint your roadblocks:

  1. Clearly defined learning outcomes. What do your participants need to understand after completing this curriculum? What do they need to be able to do?
  2. Well structured learning journeys. Know how your participants get from point A (where they are now) to point B (learning outcome).
  3. Plenty of elements that make learning funDon’t bore your participants out of their minds. Connect new information to what they already know, make them laugh about typical stumbling blocks. Make assignments meaningful and fun to do.
  4. Clarity about progress. Make sure your participants know what “all done” looks like. Show them their overall progress regularly. It is proven to keep them motivated.
  5. Availability: anytime & anywhere. Make sure your participants can study whenever and wherever they have the opportunity. On the couch, in the train, during a workout. We’re all under way too much pressure and taking away any sort of friction helps. A lot.
  6. Scalability. Once you have one program running successfully, you may soon need a second one. A second group needing an improved version. An advanced training. A training for a specific vertical. And so on. Make creating, customizing and maintaining separate learning environments quick and easy. It will save you lots of manpower.

Treatment plan

When we know what keeps your e-learning environment from thriving:

  • We’ll discuss next steps that get your e-learning venture unstuck. After all, you have invested so much up until this point and we’d hate to see you fail;
  • We’ll share exactly where we see opportunities to encourage participants to complete your program, step by step, in manageable chunks.
  • We’ll help you make sure students get to work on completing the program wherever and whenever they have the opportunity. At home on the couch, during their commute and even on a slower connection.
  • Our system for building new courses and maintaining existing ones is quick and straightforward.

And if you’d like, we could even team up with you. We would help you budget for incremental growth, meet regularly, analyze data, plan and prioritize next steps and keep an eye out for potential risks along the way.

And we’ll be there for you, every step of the way. If you want us to.

And as your business keeps growing, you’ll feel safer knowing we’ll be available. To brainstorm trends in e-learning. To further increase the number of participants completing your curriculum. To keep an eye out for unexpected surges in traffic or warning signs someone is trying to hack into your e-learning environment. Don’t hesitate to inquire after our continuous care programs.  

We don’t expect you to take our word for this

Instead, you may want to check out our case about the Generation Next Academy we created for ABN AMRO MeesPierson. It will show you how we solved similar challenges for others.

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