How to keep a competitive edge for your webshop while thousands of new stores pop up every day.

The e-commerce industry keeps getting more competitive. We have helped improve margins and reduce expenses for several online stores. By creating custom tools that, for instance, streamline workflows or add perceived value.

How can we help you make your online store become more profitable?

Give us 15-20 minutes of your time and we’ll help you brainstorm ways to stand out, to become more profitable and we’ll help you set priorities.

Keeping your webshop profitable requires being resourceful

Training your staff using an e-learning environment allows them to acquire new skills without traveling and being away from their family. And it keeps your training expenses under control. Offering your clients online training adds value to your core product. Builds loyalty. And raving reviews. E-learning as a core product is a relatively new, but steadily growing and highly profitable industry.

As the e-commerce industry becomes increasingly competitive, you’ll need to find resourceful ways to keep a competitive edge.

Sure, sales promotions are great to get attention, and will generate you short term revenue. They gobble up a lot of margin too, though.

Smart e-commerce managers find ways to cut expenses by streamlining workflow. And ways to increase perceived value for their customers. Because these sorts of strategies are much healthier in the long run.

Staying idle is not an option,  your competitors are on your tail…

At Level Level, we thrive on throwing ideas back and forth, both internally and with our clients. Because when bright minds meet, you can wait for the magic to happen.

For our e-commerce projects, sessions like these have, amongst others, lead to

  • A custom tool that manages the entirety of a complex logistics process. From taking an order and payment, to distributing custom production orders to designated specialized manufacturers, collecting all sub-orders in a distribution center and keeping customers up to date about all if that.
  • An extension that connects online store software to software that manages a variety of courses, instructors and locations

Functionality to pre-order merchandise for events, so that waste is minimized.  

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