Low-sugar granola brand Oot growing at the speed of light

For Oot Granola, we streamlined the webshop. As a result, it has become faster, safer and more user-friendly. Moreover, we have added a custom tool to the webshop. This provides users with more control over their subscriptions. And that, in turn, resulted in increased customer satisfaction.

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The project

Oot Granola mainly sells through the webshop. You can order various flavors of freshly baked, low-sugar granola in this online store. Besides that, you can get a subscription. That way, Oot will make sure your granola gets delivered home on a fixed schedule. Oot Granola comes in a smart package that fits right into your mailbox.

We have onboarded this HelloFresh for breakfast cereal in early 2019. 

The goals

The Oot Granola team approached us with two clear objectives:

  • The granola subscription needed to offer customers more flexibility.
  • The website needed to be optimized, so that it would become faster and safer.

The approach

After onboarding this website, we first of all:

That improved the speed of the substantially. Which is beneficial for visitors, administrators and search engines alike.

“After moving the webshop to the web hosting environment Level Level arranged, both our front-end and our back-end became much faster. As a result, we have saved valuable time. Moreover, our customers now get a more pleasant user experience on our site.”

Foto van Ruben COO van oot
Ruben Rammelt

The solution

International consultancy firm McKinsey researched trends in subscription services. This confirmed what we already suspected. When customers see the number of items at hand increase, they’re more likely to cancel a subscription. To users, being in control of a subscription is incredibly important.

Flexibility in subscription management system increases customer satisfaction

Thats why we created a custom tool that put customers in control of their subscription. They now can change the flavor, the order size and the day of delivery, for instance. Besides, they can opt for deliveries every week, every other week or every four weeks.

The result

The online business model allows Oot to deliver truly fresh granola. The online business model allows Oot to deliver truly fresh granola. On their weekly journey from the bakery to clients’ doormats, they only make a brief stop at the warehouse.

Foto van telefoon met de Oot website

“Our new system provides customers with much more flexibility in ordering their granola. As a result, customer satisfaction increased substantially.”

Foto van Ruben COO van oot
Ruben Rammelt

From an online revenue model to offline on store shelves

When mentioning doormats you may have thought of consumers first. These doormats could as well be in distribution centers of large concerns, though. Recently, Shell checked in, for instance. And at Eindhoven Airport, you can buy your Oot breakfast at a genuine Oot-breakfast bar.

Continuous development

With Oot, we agreed on continuous collaboration with a fixed and flexible component. To structure priorities, we’re using an impact-effort matrix. Our Maintenance & Support department makes sure the platform runs safely, swift and smoothly. And we have jointly agreed to collect larger optimization and implement those in clusters. 

“We aim to become Europe’s largest breakfast brand. Our site is vital to that.”

Foto van Valentine CEO van Oot
Valentine van der Lande

Revenue skyrockets!

Right from the take-off early 2018, revenue increased tenfold within 6 months

more revenue within 18 months

The Level Level team is professional and works thoroughly. There is an honest, no-nonsense Rotterdam mindset. That really ensures open, constructive cooperation. Our technical partner is very important to us for our growth. So its nice to know we can trust them and that we’re truly teaming up to build our future.”

Foto van Valentine CEO van Oot
Valentine van der Lande

“Great to see that more flexibility in ordering breakfast packages has improved customer experience so much!“

Foto van Andree
Andrée Lange
Digital Designer

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