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Do you know the Ooievaarspas? With this pass you can get discounts on all kinds of activities in the field of sport, culture, membership and entrance. This pass is for residents of The Hague, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Rijswijk with a low income. The municipality of The Hague asked us to create a new website for the Ooievaarspas. And of course we said yes!

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Ooievaar en mobiel scherm van de Ooievaarspas website

The project: Digitally accessible and matching the corporate identity

All government websites have to comply with the accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1) since autumn 2020. The Ooievaarspas is also part of this, so digital accessibility was high on the list to be optimized! In addition, the website also had to look attractive and match the style of the Ooievaarspas. This proves once again that accessibility and a good looking website can go hand in hand!

The goals: Clear and ready for the future

For this website, the objectives were:

  • An accessible and user-friendly website.
  • A clear overview of the activities on offer in a list view and a map view.
  • An attractive design in line with the style of the Ooievaarspas.
  • A secure and fast website that is ready for the future.
  • A site that is easily manageable in the back-end.
  • A site that has been tested by the end users in terms of design.
  • A clear portal for the providers of the activities, so that they can easily add, change and delete offers.

The approach: Testing with the real target groups

Firstly, the migration of data was very important in this project. The offer of all activities and the data of the providers had to be migrated from the old to the new platform. We explored this extensively, so that the actual migration ultimately went smoothly!

We entered the design phase together with the municipality of The Hague. What was so great about this phase was that the municipality tested our templates with their real target groups! In order to do this, we made the templates available in a clickable prototype. Based on the results and the wishes of the Ooievaarspas, we then adapted the design and were able to fine-tune it.

“I am pleased that in this project we were able to test with the real target group, which were the people who use the Ooievaarspas and providers of activities. This provided us with very interesting insights!”

Andrée mugshot
Andrée Lange
Digital Designer

The solution: Discover it your way

The new website invites cardholders to discover what there is to do. It is clear and at the same time attractive, cheerful and fresh. The site also contains a map, on which the offers can be shown based on a location or other filters. The cardholder can also choose to view a list of the same offers. This gives every visitor a way to find a suitable offer that works best for them!

For the providers we have created a portal, which has become a convenient place for them to submit new offers or change existing offers.

The Ooievaarspas itself can approve or reject these new offers (via the portal) in a well-organised way. Partly because of this it is easy for them to maintain the website!

“For the Ooievaarspas we extracted the flow to place an offer from the standard WordPress jacket. As a result, the flow is completely customized with automated links and the management environment is completely branded in the corporate identity of the Ooievaarspas!”

Christiaan Stijnen
Freelance Developer

The result: Information easier to find

The new website looks fresh, clear and cheerful. The information is easier to find and visitors can now search for what’s on offer in several ways.

“We have experienced the cooperation as pleasant. We were involved in everything step by step and we were clearly guided in the steps that Level Level has taken.”

Chantal Rampursad
Municipality of Den Haag
Logo van de Ooievaarspas

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