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NEP Worldwide: Multilingual corporate website.

As of January 1, 2016 the NEP Group INC. acquired the Dutch company DutchView Infostrada. We developed their multilingual corporate website.

NEP Worldwide, the new name for Dutchview Infostrada, develops automated production workflows and delivers (distribution) solutions, tailor made turnkey technology and passionate operators. NEP Worldwide is an expert in live productions, sports and entertainment. From the Oscars to the Olympics, NEP Worldwide delivers the technology, people and know-how to produce the greatest events in the world and make it visible to a worldwide audience.

Gebouw NEP

Level Level was asked to develop a website that would create international interest. The main purpose of the website is to generate new business and attract new colleagues. But then again, we also wanted to create a website current employees would be proud of; a website they would show friends and family on a birthday. A challenge we were happy to take on!

NEP – The Netherlands is part of NEP – Worldwide but wants to present itself in a slightly different way.  This has to do with the core values of the Dutch company. NEP – The Netherlands considers itself not just to be a facilitating technology company but also as being a group of enthusiastic and skilled people who make an indispensable contribution to spectacular productions. NEP – The Netherlands is determined to leave a lasting impression and the new website was needed to address this ambition. This results in a visually driven and dynamic website with a focus on results by presenting appealing showcases.

Screenshot tablets website NEP

Content determines the shape

For many clients, high-quality artwork is an issue. For NEP Worldwide this was not the case. On the contrary, it’s their core business. When working on the design of this website the high-quality artwork really formed the basis. Pictures and videos are leading in telling the company’s story. Content is always more important than design. But with content so visually appealing this is not a problem.

Many elements like the homepage-header have been created to fill up the screen and are essential for the look & feel of the site. To show the diversity of cases every page-load of the homepage will show another case or solution.

Screenshot website NEP

Modular blocks

Every page is constructed with modular blocks. These blocks can be reused on multiple types of pages. We often refer to these blocks as “Lego on steroids.” As you might know, LEGO bricks are available in a lot of sizes, shapes, and colors. Anyone is able to create something by simply stacking the bricks on top of each other. But if you give 10 people exactly the same bricks it is likely that note of the creations are the same. In our eyes, an editor or administrator of a website should be able to deal with content and create pages in a similar way. By introducing the building blocks in WordPress we offer flexibility in presenting content without having to worry that the general look & feel of the website deteriorates.

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