Case: Nature Today

Nature Today

Look around with the Nature Today app!

Do you already have the Nature Today app installed on your phone? It may well be that you have seen it pass by. The platform is namely mentioned on the Dutch platforms and on AD! We developed this app for Nature Today and we can’t hide it… We’re very proud of it!

The project:
Inspire and surprise

Nature Today, an organization affiliated with the University of Wageningen, asked us to develop an app for them in June 2019. There was still a lot to contrive, but there were plenty of wishes. Nature Today’s app had to revolve around making people more aware of the nature surrounding them and to stimulate them to look at nature differently. The main goal of the app was to amaze and inspire people. Nice starting point, right?

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The goals:
A lot of different data in one place

A lot of data on nature is already available. It was very important for Nature Today to bring all this data together in the app to share this information with as many people as possible. Because all this data had to look attractive and organized, a strong UX design and an appealing look & feel were a must. And how do you ensure that people continue to be drawn to your app? Right, with notifications! These were also added to the list. Last but not least: a paywall. This allows the user to take out a subscription for specific parts of the app. 

“The commitment of the team during the whole process and especially around the deadlines was amazing. The Level Level employees do what they believe in and are not afraid to stand up for it. This gives us a very professional, safe and secure feeling!”

Mieke Siebers van Nature Today
Mieke Siebers
Nature Today

The approach: 
Designing, developing and making big decisions together

At the start of the project there were still many questions to be answered, both in terms of concept and technique. That’s why we started with a sprint 0. We first created a technical prototype for the various connections. We also thought about what the app had to include exactly and how we could make this visually attractive. Yes, appearance does matter! In this sprint we chose the style of the app, so that we could start scrumming diligently in the following sprints. At that time we were more than ready to develop the app!

Foto's van natuur

We started designing, developing and making decisions together. By outlining a number of user scenarios, we were able to get a clear idea of which features and functionalities should be given priority. We then created an MVP version of the app in a number of sessions.

The solution: 
Everything connected and shown in one interface

We developed a PWA. A what? A PWA! A Progressive Web App. We have created connections with about ten different parties and they all come together in one interface. The app contains a lot of great information about animals and plants, but also about events. The national data is shown by default. Would you like to see for your specific location (or a location of your choice) which animals and plants are around and which events can be attended? That’s possible! Create an account and take out a subscription.

“The cool thing about this project is that we were able to go all the way with building connections. That makes me very happy! In order to deal with all the different data sources that provide us with information, we worked on a solid foundation. After that we could easily add extra data sources”.

Image of Menno
Menno van den Ende

The result: 
An organized and motivating app

An app that can be used in any browser and on any device you can think of. It can be downloaded from the App Store (Apple) and the Google Play store! An app that motivates users of all ages to go out into nature (or your garden!) and discover what animals and plants are actually around.

“We are proud that there is so much (different) information in the app and yet it remains organized. We really like the design and it really is a solid foundation for further growth”.

Mieke Siebers van Nature Today
Mieke Siebers
Nature Today

Continuous development: 
The tick alert has been added

After the launch of the MVP version, Nature Today had another big wish: to add a tick alert. This is now also included in the app, so everyone can see in which areas there are many (or very few) ticks. Convenient!

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