Case: Kansfonds


Offering help where no one else does.

Every person counts and should be able to participate in our society. Right? Yet not everyone in the Netherlands is able to do that. Fortunately, there is an organisation like Kansfonds! Kansfonds helps the most vulnerable people to get their lives back on track. They have been one of our clients for quite some time now and after 5 years the time has come to renew the website. A website that once again fully matched their current objectives. This time we were allowed to do both the development and the design. Bring it on!

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The project: Offering help where no one else does

Kansfonds is a social organisation that wants to help the vulnerable in the Netherlands. As they say themselves: “Every human being counts. We offer help where no one else does or dares to. We ensure that a society is created in which there is room for everyone.”

How do they get that job done? Every year, Kansfonds supports around 500 promising initiatives that help vulnerable people. They increase their self-sufficiency and ensure that these people are able to see their own strengths again. 

The most important target groups for Kansfonds are their donors, so that they have a budget for the various initiatives. And, of course, the project partners who knock on Kansfonds’ door for a subsidy with these initiatives. Therefore we really couldn’t do without a prominent place for fundraising and campaigns!

The objectives: Attractive and conversion-oriented donation forms

Kansfonds no longer wanted any restrictions in setting up pages in the backend. It was therefore important to give them a lot of freedom and to make it as easy as possible to place many different types of content. The ability to categorise these types of content was also important. This creates orderly archive pages, in which all messages are collected with a certain category or tag.

In addition, Kansfonds also wanted to have:

  • A user-friendly website, where it’s all about the user experience;
  • Sufficient space for expressing the fundraising strategy;
  • Attractive and conversion-oriented (donation) forms;
  • Use of colour, but in a consistent and attractive way;
  • A website that focuses on the different target groups and instantly carries them into their own flow.

“It was a tough puzzle to fulfil all the wishes for the new website, but we succeeded! The process felt very dynamic and smooth, because of the good communication with the team of Kansfonds. A fun project to have worked on!”

Aida mugshot
Aida Fuster Duran
Digital Designer

The approach: Corporate identity with our own little touch

Not so long ago, the Kansfonds corporate identity was renewed. We translated this into an online and accessible version. With the colours and fonts, we maintained the look & feel of the corporate identity, but we gave it our own little touch!

Kansfonds offline to online style

During an extensive customer journey session with Kansfonds, we examined what the target groups need and what possible bottlenecks the website could present. This enabled us to determine which content blocks needed to be designed. Very useful!

We focused on the content blocks, because they enable Kansfonds to design their own pages. During the development phase, the headers, heroes, content blocks, overview pages including filters and forms were developed.

De oplossing: Herkenbare look & feel en gemakkelijk doneren

Kansfonds is now able to create all kinds of pages by themselves. We recommended giving a number of specific pages a recognisable look & feel, by providing them with a nice hero image. Take a look at the landing pages for the themes “Dak- en thuisloosheid” (“Homelessness”) or “Armoede en schulden” (“Poverty and debt”). Looks good, don’t you think?

What needed to look at least as good is the donation form. Acquiring donors is one of the most important objectives of the website for Kansfonds. Therefore we did our best to make this form as attractive, easy and accessible as possible. We have managed to do so by making every step in the form as short as possible and by giving the fields a clear description. Are you getting stuck or is something going wrong? No problem! You can easily see where to contact Kansfonds. We paid extra attention to the digital accessibility, so that every user can fill in this form!

Kansfonds donation steps

The result: Donate here!

The result is an accessible, user-friendly and clear-cut website that fits in well with the objectives of Kansfonds. Donors can easily find where and how they can donate. Looking for information about the various themes? This is also simplified for the user by maintaining a clear menu structure.

Redevelopment: Taking work off your hands

No more manual work for incoming forms! After going live with the new website, we have created a link with AFAS, the CRM system of Kansfonds. Because of this, the data from the forms go straight to AFAS, which takes a lot of administrative work off our hands. And that is what you call ‘handy’!

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