Case: De Woenselse Poort

De Woenselse Poort

A brand new website? We do it together!

While developing a website, we always ensure that it contributes to the client’s (corporate) image. For the Woenselse Poort, part of the GGzE, contributing to the image of forensic treatment (and its safety aspects) was also extremely important. They asked us to renew their website so that it looked fresh and, above all, could provide new clients and the people around them with clear information. We had some ideas!

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The project: How are we going to make it work?

De Woenselse Poort is a Forensic Psychiatric Clinic, where clients learn to deal with their limitations and psychological problems. After following a treatment plan, they can safely return to society. But how does it actually work if you are treated as a client at De Woenselse Poort? And what happens before the treatment starts? The new website had to provide clear information to the client and the people around them about the rules of visitation, the organisation and their working methods.

The goals: Information and user-friendliness

For this website, the objectives were:

  • Inform new clients and the people around them
  • Providing information to other institutions, potential new colleagues, local residents and the press
  • Contribute to forensic treatment and its safety aspects
  • A user-friendly back-end, in which the editors can work easily

“The Woenselse Poort serves various target groups, which is why the structure within the website also plays an important role. By deploying important landing pages, among other things, we ensure that the right content is directly accessible and that all information is bundled. This enables the user to easily navigate through the website and collect targeted information.”

Image of Melissa
Melissa Moussaid
Digital Designer

The approach: Taking a look at our plans

We got to know the team of De Woenselse Poort and started making a styletile and the structure of the website first. What was so great was that De Woenselse Poort was able to take a look at our plans by logging into the acceptance environment! Of course, after agreement on the templates, the work on development also started. De Woenselse Poort could get going with writing their content, et violà!

The solution: Automated mail to update content

To ensure that the site remains up-to-date, the editors receive an automated mail indicating that the content of a page needs to be revised again. Very convenient, because that way they immediately know who has to do this and when it has to be done. They can look up the media in the back-end by using the categories and there is plenty of room for images and videos. De Woenselse Poort can also arrange their pages as they see fit, through the various Gutenberg blocks.

The result: An organized website

The site fits in nicely with the corporate identity of De Woenselse Poort. It has become a well-organized website, offering all the necessary information in a pleasant way. That’s for sure!

Challenges we have tackled

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