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De Nationale Denktank

Web Accessibility Award: Vote for the most accessible website!

It cannot have escaped your attention that we attach great importance to digital accessibility. We are extremely enthusiastic about every initiative to promote web accessibility. This is one of them! 

Ottalie Westerink and Lotfy Hassan of de Nationale Denktank asked us to create a website and logo for the Web Accessibility Award. We were directly very excited! Because, how cool would it be if this award would help to put Web Accessibility on the map even more?

Together with young minds, de Nationale Denktank puzzles over complex social issues. Their foundation realizes social impact with practical solutions.

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Web Accessibility Award mockup mobile and desktop

The project: 
Voting for a new accessibility award

A website on which to vote for a new accessibility award? Tell me more!  

At the beginning of 2020, we were asked by two members of de Nationale Denktank to develop a website for them. Ottalie Westerink and Lotfy Hassan have created a new award: the Web Accessibility Award. On their website, visitors should be able to vote for different companies that are in the running for this award. The voting process must be accessible to everyone. What do you need to be able to do this? Exactly! A highly accessible, attractive looking and converting website. A challenge from which our accessibility hearts started racing!

The goals:
Shine and vote

The main objectives were:

    • A well-converting website that encourages as many visitors as possible to vote;
    • A site that looks very nice and therefore directly makes a statement about accessible websites;
    • An accessible site including an accessible voting procedure.
Web Accessibility Award mockup mobile devices

“This was a very nice project to work on, as with the focus on web accessibility it fits right up our alley! Within 10 days Melissa and I made a design together. Wow!”

Aida mugshot
Aida Fuster Duran
Digital Designer

The approach: 
Full confidence to put our ideas into action

From de Nationale Denktank there wasn’t really a concrete and defined idea for the website and there was no branding yet. And that is exactly what made this project so cool and challenging for us: we could put all our expertise and creativity into it! We were completely free to put our ideas to work and we were given full confidence to do so.

First we developed a style including a logo. After getting approval on this design, we developed the necessary templates and the entire voting procedure. We were also able to express our own vision in the templates. The communication with de Nationale Denktank was pleasant and fast, which enabled us to continue working fast.

“The logo and corporate identity designed by Level Level has raised the level of the initiative to a higher degree. This has helped us very much with the professionalisation and with attracting new partners.”

Ottalie Westerink
De Nationale Denktank

The solution: 
Too complicated to vote? Don’t be silly.

In order to encourage visitors to vote, the website must look attractive in the first place. More so, the voting procedure has to be easy and fast. To ensure this, the votes are certainly verified, but we do not use unnecessarily complicated processes to do so.

Also, Ottalie Westerink and Lotfy Hassan told us that they think the back-end and templates are very user-friendly, thanks to the Gutenberg blocks. This enables them to add and set up their own pages. What more could you ask for?

The result: 
A user-friendly and accessible website

We are quite proud, because the site has been received very well! Both user-friendly and accessible for the administrators, as well as for the visitors. And that in only a few weeks! For initiatives like this, we are happy to dedicate our time and expertise.

“We have a great comprehensive website that not only facilitates a voting process, but is also informative and visually appealing. Also, the back-end is very user-friendly!”

Lotfy Hassan
De Nationale Denktank

Continuous development: Improvements made after real user tests

A number of tests has been carried out by de Nationale Denktank on people who actually experience a disability. Based on the outcome of these user tests we have made a number of improvements in the flow of voting! 

COVID-19 update:

Due to the current COVID-19 situation which we find ourselves in, the planning of the campaign around this award is still up and running. It will be slightly different from what was thought beforehand, but we hope that this award can be presented soon. As especially now, a time in which our lives are largely taking place digitally, accessibility is invaluable!

Web Accessibility Award screenshot stemmen

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