Case: Onderwijs010


Education persuasion!

One of the most important things in life? Right, education! When we were asked to build a website for the department of Education (Onderwijs010) of the municipality of Rotterdam, we couldn’t wait to roll up our sleeves. 

Of course there were a number of wishes from Onderwijs010. The website had to be attractive, oriented towards the target group, flexible and accessible. Simple and clear, but with enough depth. Education is for everyone. Then the website should be accessible to everyone, right? We think so too.

The project

Can you imagine a more interesting city to be a teacher than Rotterdam? Neither can we. A city constantly developing, experimenting, moving and growing. This makes it a very interesting city for a (future) teacher to work in. It’s up to us to make the website radiate just that.

Homepage of Onderwijs010 on a mobile screen had to contain a lot of information, but also get the visitor fired up about education. On the website different means of communication are used, but they didn’t fit together very well yet. So we had some things to work with in this project! And of course we also had to take into account the corporate identity of the municipality of Rotterdam and the guidelines for web accessibility (WCAG 2.1. AA).

“For this project it was extremely important that the website is easily accessible. By immediately applying our approach to accessibility by design, we have ensured that accessibility can look nice and doesn’t have to be hard to implement!”

Andrée Lange
Digital Designer

The goals

The main principles of the new Onderwijs010 website were to:

  • inform educational professionals about municipal policies;
  • make (future) teachers enthusiastic about education in Rotterdam;
  • have an accessible design in line with the corporate identity guidelines of the municipality of Rotterdam;
  • have a clear information architecture and navigation;
  • meet the accessibility requirements of the central government;
  • have a user-friendly backend.
Detail of an article on a tablet screen

The approach

We divided the realisation into three phases: exploration, design and development. First up: The exploration phase. In several sessions we came to a strategic, structural and visual concept together. This way, we got to know the various stakeholders within the municipality. Together we held a content session, which allowed us to completely involve everyone. This had paid off: we created a structure with which we can move forward!

We completely worked out the design for all the templates and the different devices and states. Because the website has to be viewable everywhere! Last but not least: developing the custom WordPress theme with several templates, blocks and functionalities which can be used flexibly.

Logo of Onderwijs010

The solution

The new website looks convenient and welcoming. By structuring information according to themes, all this information now fits together very well. If you’re looking for something, you’ll find it. No more endless digging into menus, no more annoyance.  

We also linked it to Meesterbaan. This means that the job board is updated daily and you will always see the most recent vacancies. Very useful!

The result

The visitor is now triggered to keep reading. Why is that? Because municipal policy, the latest news, vacancies, courses, campaigns and events are now presented in an attractive and user-friendly way. We’ve also made sure that the current events are shown immediately, so that the visitor is quickly informed on recent educational matters. 

The means of communication connect much better and the information from the website, social media channels and the digital newsletter are also connected to each other. Now it really can be seen as a whole.

Teaser of an article of Onderwijs010

“More clarity and structure on the website helps our colleagues to inform the educational professional better and more clearly. The expectations were user-friendliness, clarity and a beautiful design. This has certainly succeeded. We are happy with the new website!”


Continuous development

After the live release at the beginning of April, we kept on developing by expanding the website step by step with new functionalities. For example, we added a map for educational housing to the website.

We are as proud of this website as we are of Rotterdam. It is now really for everyone!

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