Case: BHVNederland


7% increase in conversion by implementing WooCommerce and enhancing responsivity.

For BHVNederland, that continued as an independent organization by the end of 2018, we developed a new website with a webshop. We revitalized the design, enhanced the responsivity, and of course explored ways to align with the needs of users. Additionally, we have established a connection with course management software, allowing the back-office to work more efficiently. A few months after launching the site, we’re proud to share that there was already a 7% increase in conversion. The landing pages have kept their position in the search engine results. And the number of activities in the back office has been reduced substantially.

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The project

BHVNederland arranges training, provides consultancy and sells products regarding fire safety, in-house emergency service and first-aid service. This educational institution continued as an independent organization at the end of 2018. Reason enough to revitalize the look & feel of their website and to ensure that the site loads equally smoothly on all devices. Additionally, the management requested us to establish a custom connection. The website needed to connect to the course management software, and, as a result, reduce the work load in the back-office.

BHVNederland screenshot homepage

“We have had several conversations with agencies. We resonated with Level Level right away: young, dynamic, focused on solutions and lots of positive energy.”

Kees Weerheim Directeur BHVNederland
Kees Weerheim
CEO of BHVNederland

The goals

In collaboration with BHVNederland, we have defined the following objectives:

  • Design a contemporary look and feel that appeals to our audience.
  • Structure the site in a way that enables visitors to find the most suitable course effortlessly, and order products regarding fire safety, in-house emergency service and first-aid service.
  • Establish a custom connection with the course management software. Ensure that the course catalogue on the website is updated in real time. And make sure that student, order and payment details can be exchanged between the website and the course management software, so that most invoicing and record keeping can be automated.
  • The website already ranks well in the search engine results. It’s important that the entire site, and the SEO optimized landing pages in particular, maintain their high ranking positions.
BHVNederland screenshot mobile

The approach

Even before the project launched, BHVNederland was quite clear on their wants and needs. We have therefore opted to approach this project in a fairly linear way. The lines of communication were short and straight. We kept each other in the loop continually. Not just during the weekly internal meetings and the meetings with BHVNederland, but also in between meetings.

A webshop that offers all flexibility needed

We jointly decided to use WooCommerce, WordPress’ e-commerce plugin. With a 22% market share, this tool is the market leader for webshops. Just like WordPress, WooCommerce offers both a solid foundation and ample flexibility.

Selling training sessions at several locations and on various dates doesn’t cause issues for WooCommerce. Moreover, upsell and cross-sell modules help increase the average order value. And the look & feel can be easily matched to the rest of the website.

Connections that improve efficiency

Besides designing and creating a website, BHVNederland requested a custom connection with WebConnect. BHVNederland uses this software, created by C4, as their course management software.

The two main points of attention were:

  1. The website should always show up-to-date availability for courses.
  2. The correct payment details should be made available for WebConnect so that the invoices would be correct.

To develop this connection, we have closely collaborated with the developers of C4. We have jointly determined what the minimum requirements for the two systems were to exchange information. And we kept each other well updated of what was going on.

The solution

Easier to book a training

We have replaced the previous training calendar, that used a table setup, with a list view. Using filters, it’s now possible to search by location. That makes booking a training, particularly on mobile, much easier.

A solid connection

The custom connection needed was quite complicated. Training sessions entered into the course management software, needed to show up on the website automatically. Trainings that were booked at the website needed to be processed within the course management system. Including the payments. And that, in turn, should initiate adjusting the availability on the website. With the launch of the new site, now all happens automagically (typo intended).

The result

The new website and webshop have been launched in October of 2018. Within the first few months we noticed some exciting results:

  • Within the first three months, the conversion ratio increased with 7%, and the bounce percentage decreased with 18%.
  • The landing pages for the trainings have maintained their high positions in the search engine rankings.
  • The back-office has seen a substantial reduce in manual labor.
BHVNederland screenshot course detail page

“BHVNederland is happy with the choice for Level Level! The website has been well received, internally, by customers, and by other educational institutions. The positive, proactive attitude is visible in both our collaboration and in our new website.”

Kees Weerheim Directeur BHVNederland
Kees Weerheim
CEO of BHVNederland

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