Case: Autotaalglas


Website relaunch ignited doubling the number of online damage claims.

Autotaalglas approached us for assistance in making their website mobile responsive. This website overhaul ran alongside a full rebranding. The goal of this rebranding was to  add more of an emotional charge to the brand. We have been actively involved in making that happen. To ensure optimal user friendliness, we have drawn up buyer persona and buyer journeys. On mobile, the website feels like an app at first glance. After all, its primary goal is to help someone with windshield damage move forward as quickly and effortlessly as possible. To getting an appointment, finding the closest location to pay a visit, or to the right phone number to discuss matters. After the launch of the new site, the number of claims filed online doubled. And the site was nominated for a Dutch Interactive Award.

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The Project

Clunk! Have you ever experienced a piece of road debris causing a chip or a crack in your windshield while you were driving?  After taking a few deep breaths, you only want one thing, right? Get it repaired, and as quickly and effortlessly as possible. So that you can get on to your destiny. Safely.

According to statistics, you’ll only experience windshield damage once every seven years. That’s a relief for drivers, but ,, complicates building customer loyalty. On top of that, when you think of products with a sexy image, windshield repairs is probably not the first thing you’ll think of..

There was no need to explain all this to Babette, Autotaalglas’ Marketing and Communications coordinator. Before she started creating a request for proposals, back in 2015. She thoroughly researched what a mobile responsive website needed to be able to do. And we love those sorts of questions.

Screen of Autotaalglas website on mobile

The goals

“Make filing a damage report easily and effortlessly, no matter the device used, but first and foremost on phones”. That was on top of the list of Autotaalglas’ schedule of requirements,

“Help boost the emotional charge of the Autotaalglas brand. That was the second requirement. The fact was, that this website overhaul project ran alongside a full rebranding. Autotaalglas was known to be reliable, but did otherwise not arouse any emotion among those who were familiar with the brand.

The Approach

Autotaalglas aimed to help its users get windshield damage repaired as quickly and with the least amount of hassle as possible. To make that happen, it makes sense to step into the shoes of typical users.  What scenarios are the most obvious? Does Autotaalglas, as a matter of fact, deliver on its promise? And, how do their main competitors approach their audience?

Buyer Persona & Buyer Journeys

To gain a clear picture, we developed several buyer persona. Based on these client profiles, we also established some common scenarios: buyer journeys.

  • Sam severely dislikes music on hold, and primarily perceives call center operators as tiring. He prefers to instantly plan an appointment using an app;
  • Thierry prefers calling to waiting for a call to be returned;
  • Patty is looking at a mile-long to-do list and, above all,  wants to find out to which location has a light workload right now, so that she can go there as quickly as possible.

“It is important to me that an agency is proactive. They are the experts. Other agencies needed more briefing. Level Level’s pitch, however, seamlesly fitted Autotaalglass’ expectations. The first drafts and the visual proposal  were appealing, and we hit it off right away.”

Babette Hessels
Marketing and Communicatie coordinator Autotaalglas

Teamwork makes the dream work

A rebranding will only succeed if your altered message and your modified look & feel shows up consistently in all channels. That requires the buy-in of many experts, from within the organisation, the core team of freelancers and from agencies. Keeping focus can be challenging in situations like these. And so is making sure everyone feels like their contributions are appreciated.

We knew from experience that buyer persona and buyer journeys help keep everyone on the same page. Buyer journeys can be translated into steps, and screen designs. And, along the way, you’re more likely to wonder if and how Sam, Thierry or Patty benefit from particular steps in a process.

Keeping everyone on the same page

Websites and web applications help automate more processes every day. Unfortunately, not every technician enjoys, nor masters explaining the process and the benefits in a non-technical way. And we get that! Jacks of all traders are masters of….? At Level Level, we have discovered that project managers are a valuable asset. They are, in a way like interpreters, well able to point out what is a quick fix, and what may turn out to be a full reconstruction. And, obviously, why. They are also masters in digging deeper, and figuring out what a client is trying to accomplish with a feature request. So that they can team up with the technicians to come up with an option that accomplishes similar, or ideally even better results.

“An agency needs to be able to see through the eyes of a client, and see their needs.”

Babette Hessels
Marketing and Communicatie coordinator Autotaalglas

The solution

The new website primarily aims to help Sam, Thierry, Patty and, needless to say, every real person with windshield damage, move forward as quickly as possible.

Users can:

  • Instantly file a damage report and plan an appointment, in this case all information is forwarded to the local branch as well.
  • Call a toll free number with one single tap.
  • Get Google Maps powered driving directions to the nearest location.

The site feels like an app. Step by step, users are guided to the solution that fits them best. No matter the device they are using. Corporate information is still easy to find, it’s just not as spotlighted as before.

“To me the biggest compliment was the huge increase in website usage, and the number of damage reports. Ever since the new website was launched, the number of damage reports filed doubled. As a result, Autotaalglas needed to adjust the call center occupancy..”

Marco Boekestijn
Developer Level Level

The result

After the new site was launched, the number of online damage reports doubled. We would have never dared to set that as a goal. An outcome like that is the biggest compliment you can get. And in addition to that, the site was nominated for a Dutch Interactive Award.

increase in filed online damage reports

“The ultimate goal is to help Autotaalglas’ clients quickly and easily. Whenever they are in need, wherever they are, in all kinds of ways. This new website has made that much easier. Ease of use, for our clients, come first. The website radiates user friendliness, and that makes us incredibly proud.”

Babette Hessels
Marketing and Communicatie coordinator Autotaalglas

Ongoing Development

Ever since the launch of the overhauled website, back in 2015, we regularly meet with the Autotaalglas team to evaluate traffic and conversion. As a result we have discovered several friction points and have been able to smoothen these out. As a result, users can now plan appointments at the local branch of their choice in real time. And the call center no longer needs to call to confirm an appointment.

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