Case: ABN AMRO Verzekeringen

ABN AMRO Verzekeringen

Prevention dashboard: From fine print to actionable tasks and reminders.

ABN-Amro Insurances acts as an insurance broker for their clients. It’s therefore particularly important for them to be of added value. Which is why they set out to increase customer satisfaction among their clients in the leisure sector. To reach this objective, they aimed to increase the number of relevant touch points. They invited us thus to get involved in conceiving an online application. Such an online dashboard would offer their clients a personalised overview of:

  • what legal requirements and conditions were applicable;
  • what actions they needed to take, and by when that needed to be completed.

For this project, we opted for a Scrum methodology. We set out to launch a first version fast and get user feedback to continue development. We created and tested a prototype, and launched a first version (MVP) within the set timeframe and number of sprints.

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The Project

ABN-AMRO Insurances aimed to create an online dashboard that would support business owners in the leisure sector with taking stock of and planning all required risk mitigating measures.

As it turned out, business owners in that sector oftentimes aren’t (sufficiently) aware of the importance of sound risk management. Damage that, in retrospect, could have been prevented, can feel like a double setback. Most entrepreneurs know about obvious risks like fire, burglary or leave of absence. Many overlook others like power outages, (cyber)fraud, and bullying at work, though. And only a handful take the time to make sure they comply with legal requirements and conditions set by their insurer.

The envisioned personalized platform would translate relevant legislation and insurers’ terms & conditions into actionable tasks and reminders. And would provide ABN AMRO Insurances with a treasure trove of relevant data and commercial opportunities as well. Quite a Win-Win.


ABN-AMRO Insurances needed this dashboard to at least:

  • provide business owners in the leisure sector with digital support in their risk management efforts;
  • increase customer satisfaction among clients in the leisure sector;
  • multiply the number of touch points.

The approach

The ABN-AMRO Insurances product owner invited us to participate early on. Since the goal was to launch a new concept, we jointly agreed to opt for a Scrum methodology.

A platform like Prevention Management Dashboard offers endless opportunities for UX design and technical integrations. The goal was, however, a lean and mean MVP launch. MVP in this context refers to Minimum Viable Product. Such a basic first version allows you to test the waters: will it be possible to turn this product into something that generates a positive ROI?

In a sprint 0, we have devised the goals, persona and customer journeys into a concept and a set of wireframes. Next, we have decided upon the look & feel and selected what features needed to be included in the first version.

After that, we have developed the first prototype. The ABN AMRO Insurances team then tested this prototype among stakeholders. We have optimized the dashboard tool based on user feedback subsequently. After several short development sprints, we were able to present a first MVP release.

“The agile approach sparked synergy. Everyone was open to feedback. And countered with improved ideas.”

Jorrit Vos
ABN AMRO Insurance

The solution

The dashboard that we developed, offers business owners a clear overview and support in taking risk-reducing actions. As a result, it’s much easier to comply with the requirements set by the government and insurers.

After creating an account, business owners answer a series of well-crafted questions. The application then determines what legislation and requirements are applicable. And these trigger the creation of actionable tasks and reminders. Think for instance about getting a fire extinguisher checked before the certification expires. Or to (re)train employees in emergency procedures. Making sure to meet the set requirements becomes much easier this way.

The Result

The digital support that this online dashboard offers, increases customer satisfaction. Additionally, the tool increases the number of touch points. These contact moments are of great importance for an insurance broker as ABN AMRO Insurances. Overall, this tool positions our client as a proactive partner.

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