WordCamp Europe Torino: Plugins, pizza & performance!

Geschreven door Yorick van de Venne

Today is the last day of WordCamp Europe 2024. Contributor Day and the first conference day were a great success; we gained a lot of knowledge, had valuable conversations, and above all, had fun!

The Level Level team on WordCamp Europe in Turin

The A11Y Collective Booth: A great interest!

Once again, our A11Y Collective Booth was a hit this year. At our booth, we explained to various attendees why web accessibility is crucial and should be a standard part of every design, code, and content creation process. After our explanations, everyone was eager to participate in our quick scan. The interest in the quick scan was remarkable this year, with many visitors keen to enhance their accessibility knowledge and voluntarily stopping by our booth.

Merel and Taeke at the booth of the A11Y Collective


Besides all the interesting talks we attended, we also enjoyed the surroundings. We visited the National Museum of Cinema, took a walking tour, and strolled through the terraces of Turin under the sun. For some of us, including myself, this was our first WordCamp Europe, which proved to be a fantastic way to quickly bond with the team. Jiska, who has only been at Level Level for two weeks, quickly immersed herself in the Level Level culture.

The Level Level team is enjoying a tour through Turin with a guide
Jiska is giving two thumbs up and Floris is walking away


We look back on an unforgettable edition of WordCamp Europe 2024 in the enchanting Turin! It was a wonderful experience full of inspiration, new encounters, and valuable insights. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here and had loads of fun! With our bellies full of pizza, we bid farewell to Turin and return to the heart of Rotterdam.

Arrivederci Torino!

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