WordCamp Europe Athens, Level Level on stage!

Geschreven door Dorin Heijboer

WordCamp Europe Athens, Level Level on stage!


WordCamp Europe Athens, Level Level on stage!


After day two of WordCamp Europe, we look back on a great weekend with the whole Level Level team, not only during the event but also outside of it we spent time together in Athens, exploring the city together and having great dinners. For us, WordCamp is also an annual team outing!

Today, of course, was also all about our Level Level stars on stage. Read more about it below!


The whole team of Level Level on stage in front of the WCEU letters

The A11Y Collective booth also was a great experience, with many quickscans performed on visitors’ websites and helping visitors with their accessibility questions. Are you curious yourself how your website scores on web accessibility? Check the quick scan on our site!

Panel star Rian on “Women and Non-Binary Folx of WordPress”

Rian participated in the panel on “Women and Non-Binary Folx of WordPress”. The conversation was with and about people and their work experience in the WordPress network and tech business. The panelists discuss their achievements, struggles and give advice to startups.

Rian on stage during the panel 'Women and non-binary folx of WordPress'
Rian during the panel talk at WordCamp Europe 2023

Mitchell talks about a design revolution on accessible websites!

The highlight of the day was, of course, our Mitchell shining on the main stage! He talked about the balance between accessibility and aesthetics. Many people still seem to have a very black-and-white view about accessible websites: accessibility and aesthetics are often seen as conflicting goals. Mitchell explained that accessibility doesn’t have to get in the way of creativity but rather go well together to achieve a web design that is functional and visually appealing!

Mitchell during his talk 'Accessibility meets style: a design revolution'
Mitchell on stage about Accessible design

Panel talk on the future of WordCamp with Taeke

What is it like to organise a WordCamp, what considerations need to be taken into account and what does the future bring: and how can it change in the future? With the experience of last year at WordCamp Porto, Taeke shares his knowledge. But there was also the discussion about WordCamp’s target audience vs the content of the talks. Could WordCamp be even more responsive to certain specific themes or other sectors so that WordCamp remains both a networking event but also even better suited to the target group in terms of content.

Taeke in discussion on the future of WordPress
Taeke in conversation about the future of WordCamp

Tonight we close with WordCamp’s 20th anniversary afterparty and fly back to Rotterdam sadly but satisfied. WordCamp and Athens, we enjoyed you!