WordCamp Europe 2024, Level Level in Torino!

Geschreven door Yorick van de Venne

Once again, Level Level is not to be missed at WordCamp Europe this year. With over 20 colleagues, we flew to the historic city of Turin. Every year, this event is a major highlight on Level Level’s agenda. And this year we will be there again with The A11Y Collective.

WordCamp Europe is the main event for WordPress enthusiasts, bringing together developers, designers and users from all over the world. This year, there is a dynamic programme with inspiring speakers, workshops and plenty of networking opportunities. Besides attending inspiring talks, we can also discover the beautiful city of Turin and, of course, spending time with each other as a team.

Team Level Level in Turin


Arriving on Wednesday, we first set out to explore Turin. Thanks to our local tour guide, we quickly discovered the right spots and immersed ourselves in historical facts. Here are a few visual highlights!

Team Level Level enjoying Turin with a guide
After the tour the team is drinking 'Vermouth' in a restaurant near the river Po

Contributor Day

On Thursday, several Level Level team members participated in Contributor Day, where they actively contributed to various working groups to improve WordPress core. Due to the open source nature of WordPress, the source code is freely available to all, meaning users can view, use, modify and distribute it as they see fit.

The tables at Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe
The tables at Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe

Conference Day

On June 14th and 15th, everything is all about talks on WordPress development, design and community building. 

This year, a number of themes are in the spotlight: Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital sustainability, web accessibility and inclusivity. We’re happy to see Rian at WordCamp again where she will give a talk on ‘The European Accessibility Act’.

Rian Rietveld on the main stage of WordCamp Europe 2024
Rian Rietveld on the main stage of WordCamp Europe 2024

One of the talks that stuck with us was Joost de Valk and Juliette Reinders’ on the future of open source. In the talk, the importance of contributing to WordPress was once again underlined. They talked not only about contributing in code, but also financially. It confirmed to us that our contribution to WordPress and dependencies is essential to create the projects we are proud of. 

Michat Czaplinski’s talk showed us how one of the newest developments within WordPress, allowing easy addition of small interactions to the frontend, can also be highly beneficial for our projects: the Interactivity API. This API is the result of years of work, with seamless integration into the existing WordPress framework being one of the biggest challenges. Now that this has been achieved, we are inspired to further explore the potential of this API when we return to the office.

A11Y Collective stand

Not only did we attend the talks, we were also present at our booth for The A11Y Collective and proud sponsors of WordCamp! At The A11Y Collective, we offer professional courses in web accessibility. During the event, we’re here to answer all your questions about web accessibility. Stop by and discover our awesome courses! Look for our flyer for a discount code to take Web Accessibility, the basics for free!

Ingrid and Amber behind the booth of the A11Y Collective
Ingrid and Amber behind the booth of the A11Y Collective

Due to the tremendous success and interest from previous years, the Super Quick Scan is returning this year! You can discover how your website is performing in terms of accessibility by filling out the form on The A11Y Collective website. On the same day, we will share quick wins and recommendations directly at our booth, where we’re eager to discuss them with you.

Not attending this year? No worries! You can still have your website scanned for accessibility. Submit the form, and we’ll email you the results once we’re back!

That wraps up the first conference day. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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