WordCamp Europe 2022. Let’s make the web accessible!

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WordCamp Europe 2022. Let’s make the web accessible!


WordCamp Europe 2022. Let’s make the web accessible!


With about 30 colleagues we traveled to Porto last Wednesday for WordCamp Europe 2022. After two online editions we can finally experience it in person again. For more than 15 colleagues this will be their first WordCamp ‘party’! Taeke is this year’s Global Lead in the organization and our learning platform A11Y Collective is sponsoring the event. 

WordCamp Europe 2022

WordCamp Europe is an annual three-day event where thousands of web and WordPress specialists come together to share their knowledge and experience. We get to know each other, collaborate and contribute to the WordPress Open Source Project.

WordCamp Europe 2022
Opening WordCamp Europe 2022

Fortunately, after the Corona years, WordCamp Europe returned as a 2-day conference on location. Before the main conference a Contributor Day took place, where WordPress specialists from different disciplines work together on improving WordPress. The WordPress Community is a visible presence in the beautiful city of Porto from June 2nd until  June 4th 2022. 

Contributor Day: Focus op performance

As mentioned, during Contributor Day, several groups from different disciplines work together to improve WordPress. But what does this mean? Several colleagues from Level Level worked on translating the CMS. We also provided support to other developers. Our accessibility experts conducted several reviews on new features within Gutenberg. Our design team discussed various design proposals, including a new hints-interface for publishing your first blog post.

Confetti? Hmm.. nah. We don’t do that.

We also had an important mission: WordPress platforms need to perform better! We have been focusing on this topic for a long time. The WordPress community is starting to treat this subject with more seriousness. In our opinion, performance has been getting too little attention in recent years due to the arrival of the Gutenberg editor and full site editing. Contributor Day is the perfect opportunity to really make a difference and improve the performance of WordPress together with top WordPress developers from around the world. For example, we were able to contribute to making the Gutenberg editor faster and making managing servers a little easier. 

Hosting tafel tijdens Contributor day WordCamp Europe 2022

WordPress Now

After contributing on Thursday it’s time for two full exciting conference days on Friday and Saturday. The conference program has received some criticism in advance because there seems to be less and less space for the more specialist back-end development talks and presentations. That may be the case, but we are also attending to share knowledge, to socialize, to learn about the latest trends and to witness what other specialists are offering. 

‘WordPress Now’ is the theme of the first day of the conference. This day is filled with various talks about security and accessibility. More specifically there is a talk about WordPress as a headless set-up and ‘The what, why & how of code reviews’. Two examples of talks that a big part of the team has eagerly joined today. The other part of the team was busy networking at our own A11Y Collective booth.

A11Y Collective stand

Level Level is a WordCamp sponsor again this year, with our A11Y Collective brand. A11Y Collective is our professional e-learning platform that offers courses in the field of web accessibility. To sing the gospel of accessibility we organized various workshops and challenged interested participants to have their knowledge and skills tested.

Attendees can have the accessibility of their website tested for free. By registering for the Super Quick Scan via The A11Y Collective website, interested website owners can hear how their site scores in terms of accessibility. We can immediately share the quick wins and recommendations and discuss them right then and there at the stand. A big hit! Visitors are flocking to our stand and the applications are pouring in. You can still meet us tomorrow. 

Do you want to have the accessibility of your website scanned? You can also apply from the comfort of your home, we’ll email you the results when we’re back in Rotterdam! 

This is it for now! Tomorrow is another conference day!

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