We are a Dutch Digital Agency!

We are a Dutch Digital Agency!


We are a Dutch Digital Agency!


As of this month we are a member of the leading sector and knowledge organization for the Dutch digital industry: Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA). This year could not have started any better!

That we may call ourselves a member now means that it’s acknowledged by the DDA that we are a leading digital agency in the Netherlands. And that the bespoke websites and applications we design and develop are one of the best in the market. And that’s pretty awesome!

“Because we have had the opportunity to work on very challenging projects for our clients, we were able to develop ourselves and our products in many ways. Now we are a Dutch Digital Agency, we can create even more impressive websites and applications.”

Taeke Reijenga
Taeke Reijenga
CEO Level Level

We are looking forward to share our knowledge with the other members of DDA and to get to learn from them as well. This helps us, and the entire industry to stay innovative and to grow.

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  • Merel Janssen

    Merel Janssen


    Together with the creative, fun and involved Level Level team I enjoy to work on challenging projects as a Project Manager. By coordinating and planning the projects and by taking the clients’ vision and wishes into account, together we ensure that for every client we create a suitable customised solution.

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