Did you know that Rian has become an IAAP Certified Web Accessibility Professional?

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We’re so proud of Rian! Our accessibility consultant recently has become an IAAP Certified Professional in Web Accessibility. She had to pass two quite complicated exams. To be well prepared for those, she enrolled in the corresponding online courses at Deque University.

Here at Level Level, within the WordPress community and more and more outside of those circles, Rian is known as an authority in the field of web accessibility. She has, after all, been asked to consult, coach and train with international digital agencies as Human Made, software companies as Yoast and Gravity Forms, and for other Dutch agencies. She also regularly speaks and hosts workshops at international conferences.

In some cases, however, (potential) clients require objective proof of her expertise. And we get that. After all, web accessibility is a fairly new field of expertise. That makes it quite complicated to know who the true experts are. Worldwide, IAAP (the International Association of Accessibility Professionals) currently is the only certifying board. 

Rian is holding her IAAP certificate.

Highest level of IAAP Certification

Certified Professional in Web Accessibility is the highest accreditation the IAAP gives out. To get accredited, candidates need to pass both the exam for IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies and the one for IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist.

“Passing the exams and getting accredited won’t make you a web accessibility specialist right away. You can only accomplish that with years of experience. Having years of hands-on experience, on the other hand, made passing the exams to become an IAAP certified Web Accessibility Specialist much easier.”

Rian Rietveld, accessibility consultant with Level Level
Rian Rietveld
Accessibility Consultant Level Level

Proud of Rian

We’re super proud of Rian. The exams contained lots of tricky multiple-choice questions. Oftentimes the difference between almost true and entirely true was hidden in language subtleties in the English language. So, we think it’s quite an accomplishment. Also, we’re thankful she’s sharing her knowledge so freely. She still teaches us new things every single day.

Care to learn more about web accessibility?

Rian is one of the teachers at the A11Y Collective, an e-learning platform with a variety of courses on web accessibility. The platform was introduced to allow anyone, with any level or previous experience, to learn more about web accessibility.

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