A day in the life of Level Level – Our interns on the main stage.

A day in the life of Level Level – Our interns on the main stage.


A day in the life of Level Level – Our interns on the main stage.


Of course we would love to see this tile for sale at Xenos, but you can’t have it all. A job with us, on the other hand, you can! What is life like at Level Level? In more serious language: what is it like to work with us?

This week, as many as four people get to speak: our interns Vincent, Elleke, Lennart and Jonathan! How did they came to us and can they level with us? In this blog they are on the main stage.

Short introduction! What studies are you following and what is your internship or thesis topic?

Vincent: “I am studying Application and Media Development, which is MBO level 4. I do this at the Hoornbeeck College in Gouda and I am now in my second year.”

Elleke: “I am in my third year of Communication and Multimedia Design at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. For me, this is an apprenticeship (so I don’t have a subject).”

Lennart: “I am a student Creative Media and Game Technologies at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. At the moment I’m graduating and working on my thesis to see if I can help the hospitality industry in this period of COVID with the use of current technologies.”

Jonathan: “I am also studying CMD in Rotterdam! As a graduating student, I’m working on a project aimed at professional development. By means of an independent design process, an interactive product will eventually emerge.”

How did you find Level Level as an internship company?

Vincent: “What I was looking for was a company that worked for large customers. I took a look on the website of Dutch Digital Agencies, where all the major digital agencies are affiliated. I eventually found Level Level and sent an e-mail. That went fairly quickly and after a good conversation, I could start!

Jonathan: “Way back I met Ken & Merel at an internship market. At that time I ended up to work somewhere else. Towards my graduation, some merchandise reminded me of that positive conversation, so I immediately sent them an e-mail. Not much later we had agreed on my graduation period at Level Level!”

What do you think of the internship coaching at Level?

Elleke: “What I experienced as positive is that I was able to bring up which way of coaching works best for me at the beginning of my internship. This helped to find a good way of coaching together. It’s great that you are taken seriously and that there is room for your own opinion!

Jonathan: “Great. Involved, serious when necessary and less serious when possible. I don’t often give out compliments, but I do appreciate the open culture and the way everyone thinks along!

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Photo Vincent van Ingen
Vincent van Ingen
Intern Development

What is the most valuable thing you have learned at Level so far? Or have you, for example, developed new interests?

Elleke: “During my first meeting with Melissa and Andrée, the term ‘accessibility’ came up. I was not familiar with it from my studies. Now that I work at Level Level I see the value of accessible design. I intend to continue doing this after my internship and to make other designers aware of the importance of accessible design. 

Lennart: “During my graduation project, it became clear that I have developed a new interest in creating mobile applications. I also participated in a project at Level Level and that was when I really got the idea that I wanted to know more about the WordPress platform. Before this project I had never worked with WordPress in this way!”

Thanks to your internship with Level Level, do you now have a better idea of what you want to do after your studies?

Vincent: “A little bit better, but it’s still difficult. I have gained a better idea of how things work in practice. Furthermore, this experience helps me to decide what I want to do later on.

Elleke: “I came to Level Level with the idea that interaction and visual design were what interested me most. I think that in the future, I see myself working more in the conceptual side.”

Lennart: “To be honest, I have known for some time that I wanted to work as a front-end developer. The work I have done at Level Level has confirmed this thought. But I also see myself, probably in my spare time, tinkering with a mobile application .”

Jonathan: “Not entirely on a functional level. But I do know that I like to tackle more complex tasks. I’m now even more certain that I like to go through the entire design process – research, concept & design. The complete user experience.”

“When action grows unprofitable, gather information; when information grows unprofitable, sleep.”

Photo Lennart van Welzen
Lennart van Welzen
Intern Web Development

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