We create bespoke websites and applications based on WordPress.

We create bespoke websites and applications based on WordPress.

Together with our clients we work on success stories where responsive webdesign, usability, accessibility, security, performance and SEO form the foundations for a successful project.

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    Free Diversity Speaker Training

    Have you always wanted to speak at a WordCamp but are you afraid to do so? Or maybe you're not sure how to prepare it? Maybe you already have spoken on a WordCamp before but you could use some extra training. At thursday 20 february Monique Dubbelman and Rian Rietveld can help you with your preparations by giving free training at our office. Will we be seeing you there?

    20 - 20 February 2020 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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    WordCamp Antwerp – Cancelled

    We are a very regular visitor of WordCamp events in and outside of our own country. This time we will be in the beautiful city of Antwerp. A few of us will attend this edition of WordCamp Antwerp.

    27 - 29 March 2020 - Antwerp, Belgium
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    WordCamp Asia 2020 – Cancelled

    We visit WordCamps on a regular basis, but we speak at them as well! In february Taeke, together with Rosanne van Staalduinen, will be talking on an international WordCamp in Bangkok, Thailand. Their talk is about the currently available scenarios of creating a multilingual project. They will analyse their challenges and show how they incorporate a multilingual project. They will also be sharing their vision about implementing multilingual features in the 4th phase of Gutenberg.

    21 - 23 February 2020 - Bangkok, Thailand

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    WordPress Meetup 010 – Cancelled

    We host this edition of the WordPress Meetup 010 at our own office. It's an event where all kinds of WordPress enthusiasts come together and learn about different subjects. On this night Taeke and Rosanne van Staalduinen will be doing a try-out of their talk at WordCamp Asia 2020! Will you be joining us?

    27 - 27 January 2020 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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    WordCamp Europe 2020 – Online!

    Sadly due to COVID-19 WordCamp Europe in Porto has been cancelled. But there's no need to be sad for long: because WordCamp Europe is being held online this year! Now everyone of you can experience WordCamp from their own home. Get your ticket now: they're also free so everyone can enjoy!

    4 - 6 June 2020 - Your own home
  • Development / WordPress community

    WordPress Meetup Leiden

    Tuesday, December, 3rd, we’ll have another WordPress Meetup in Leiden: a true developers night with two dev masterminds: Niels de Blaauw and Juliette Reinders - Folmer .

    Niels will share his experience about how to make sure a website and the team working on it can grow efficiently when you’re continuously iterating on it.

    Juliette will introduce you to the international coding standards and will explain why it’s vital to adopt them.

    Needless to say we’ll have drinks after. Please note that this Meetup will take place at a new location: De Nieuwe Energie. A spot on name, it means New Energy!

    3 - 3 December 2019 - Leiden, The Netherlands

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    WP&UP has put together a virtual summit with a variety of speakers and discussion panels that will take place on December 3rd. Expect a nice variety of topics. How to handle life’s ups and downs, for instance. And how to attract more attendees to WordCamps.

    Taeke participates in the discussion panel about sponsoring events like WordCamps and Meetups.

    This event has two main goals. The organization primarily aims to contribute to the WordPress community. The secondary goal is to raise funds for a number of do-good organizations within the WordPress community

    WP&UP is a charity organization that helps professionals who work with WordPress to stay healthy. And with healthy, we mean physically healthy, mentally healthy and full of energy.

    Check the website for more information about the line-up, the speakers and the charities.

    3 - 3 December 2019 - Virtual

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    WordCamp US

    Taeke and Rian will fly across the globe by the end of October. They’ll attend WordCamp US in St. Louis and are looking forward to hear about the latest and greatest of WordPress. This is one of the major WordCamps of the world. An important one to attend!

    1 - 3 November 2019 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • Development / WordPress community

    WordPress 010 Meetup

    Join us in our Level Level headquarters again on Monday, September 16th. We’ll open our doors for the WordPress 010 Meetup at 7:00 PM. The organizers have arranged two amazing speakers again, so you’re in for a treat.

    Plugins: How to choose the best ones

    Jan Willem Oostendorp will show you what to look out for when trying to pick a plugin from the WordPress repository. That way, you’ll avoid picking a crappy one. And, in case you’re a hard core developer…. Jan Willem promised you’ll take some new insights home, too.

    Security: How to keep bad guys out?

    Chris Dickhout will take the stage after the break and will share how to improve your websites security. First, he’ll elaborate a bit on how hackers work. Next, he’ll share some hands-on tips that you can implement on your WordPress site right away.

    And then: drinks!

    After the educational part of the evening we’ll take some time to hang out and network a bit. Just don’t forget to sign up, ok?

    16 - 16 September 2019 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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    WordPress Meetup Rotterdam

    Monday, Juli, 8th, we’ll have another WordPress Meetup in Rotterdam. For us, getting there will be a breeze, since it’s going to take place at our headquarters. Hop over from around seven, the formal part starts at 7:30 PM. The organizers are proud to present 2 exciting sessions. .

    Marc Mathijssen and Stefan van Gastel will share about the website for the Zundert Flower Parade. Each year, this website used to go down under the pressure of thousands of simultaneous visitors. Fortunately, a group of smart Zundertans stepped up and worked their magic. What happened next….? You’ll find out on July 8th.

    After the break, Sebastiaan van der Lans will host a workshop: protect your content with WordProof. He’ll explain, among others, how to show that you were the first to publish about a certain topic. But also how an article has evolved after initial publishing.

    Needless to say we’ll have drinks after. See you then?

    8 - 8 July 2019 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Development / WordPress community

    WordCamp Nijmegen 2019

    Niels is going to give a talk on WordCamp Nijmegen 2019 together with our client Max Bisseling from Online Plastic Groups. They are going to talk about getting the most out of WooCommerce and also about how they used WordPress to automate factory processes.

    20 - 21 September 2019 - Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Accessibility / WordPress community

    WordCamp London

    WordCamp London is one of the largest WordCamps in Europe. It features two conference days and three tracks. So, lots of options to find inspiration. The first day is a contributors day. During a day like that, dozens of volunteers invest a day to help improve and build WordPress and the community. Rian and Yvette will be speaking at this event.

    5 - 7 April 2019 - London, UK

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