We create bespoke websites and applications based on WordPress.

We create bespoke websites and applications based on WordPress.

Together with our clients we work on success stories where responsive webdesign, usability, accessibility, security, performance and SEO form the foundations for a successful project.

  • Accessibility / Online Strategy

    Clear and accessible content

    On the 27th of february we will be hosting another meetup at our office again. This time the subject of the evening will be: clear and accessible content. The two talks of the evening are from speakers that know everything about ux writing and accessibility. Will you be joining as well?

    27 - 27 February 2020 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Online Strategy

    YoastCon 2020 – Cancelled

    We’re already looking forward to YoastCon 2020. With speakers like Karl Gilis, Kate Toon and Marieke van de Rakt, we’re expecting to learn lots of new things. Moreover, this is one of those events to meet lots of old friends, and connect with new like-minded people. Are you planning to be there, too? Let us know so that we can plan to have coffee, a beer or whatever makes your heart sing.

    24 - 24 April 2020 - Wijchen, The Netherlands
  • Online Strategy / UX

    Design System Night

    On November 7th, the Lean UX Meetup The Hague organizes a Design System night. Andrée will be attending and plans to exchange some ideas with regards to design systems that night.

    7 - 7 November 2019 - The Hague, The Netherlands

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  • Accessibility / Online Strategy / UX

    International Design In Government Conference

    It’s becoming more important for government organizations to work user-centered. This is why the Dutch “User Needs First” community and the International Design in Government community have teamed up to organize an international conference. This International Design in Government conference takes place from November 18th to November 20th in Rotterdam. Aida, Rian, and Taeke will represent Level Level at that event.

    18 - 20 November 2019 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Online Strategy

    YoastCon 2019

    Rian, Yvette and Taeke attended YoastCon 2019. They learned, amongst others, about better ways to structure your site, write search engine friendly copy and how to earn links that point to your content. But also about how social media channels increasingly try to keep visitors on their own channel. And how branding has developed in the past decades. They came back home inspired and with lots of new ideas.

    7 - 8 February 2019 - Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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