Let’s make the web accessible for everyone – The A11Y Collective.

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Let’s make the web accessible for everyone – The A11Y Collective.


Let’s make the web accessible for everyone – The A11Y Collective.

  • Mitchell Leber

It’s almost May 21st, Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Did you put it in your calendar already? No? Well do it, quickly! Because on this day we officially launch The A11Y Collective: a platform with online courses fully focused on Web Accessibility.


The web for everyone

The A11Y Collective believes in an accessible web for everyone. Not only because we ourselves think it’s really important, but also because web accessibility is becoming increasingly important worldwide. In the United States of America, an average of six web accessibility cases are taken to court per day. Six… Per day! 😲


Closer to home, in the Netherlands every single governmental website and app needs to be fully accessible by 23 September 2020. So Web Accessibility really is necessary!

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Follow an online course taught by experts

The A11Y Collective wants to share their knowledge and skills about web accessibility with everyone worldwide. And you know what? Visual designers, (UX) designers, web developers, content managers and editors, product owners, entrepreneurs, anyone can make an impact when it comes to Web Accessibility after attending the online courses. How cool is that?!

The courses are of high quality and are taught by experts in the field of Web Accessibility. One of the trainers, call her the Beyoncé of Web Accessibility, is Rian Rietveld. If you like it, you should really take a course on it! 🤓

“We like to make a difference together for all those people who really benefit from an accessible website. The great thing is: we’re talking about everyone! Not only about the 20% of the population who officially have a disability, but also about you or me when we’re trying to order from that one webshop in a noisy environment or in bright sunlight.”

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Taeke Reijenga
Founder of The A11Y Collective
Smartphones and laptop with screens showing the A11Y Collective website

About The A11Y Collective

The A11Y Collective offers online courses on Web Accessibility. Do you want to learn more about Web Accessibility? Take one of our courses! There are beginner courses as well as master classes on specific topics. So you can absorb even more knowledge and skills! 💪  

The courses are in English and are taught through videos and written text. All videos are subtitled in English. So accessible.

After completing a course, you can download your personal certificate ór order it so you can hang it on your wall! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want this?

A11Y Collective Certificate on the wall!

The A11Y Collective is an initiative of Level Level, a full service WordPress agency from Rotterdam, which leads the way when it comes to the use of WordPress and the development of accessible websites and webshops.

About the author

  • Mitchell Leber

    Mitchell Leber

    Digital Designer

    After finishing my internship at Level Level, I stayed on as a Digital Designer. As a designer I try to create attractive and cool designs. I do this together with people, for people, which is something I love to do. I have a ‘passion’ for creating accessible and friendly designs.

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So what are you waiting for? Follow a course!

And let’s make the web accessible for everyone.